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Established a half-century ago on a mountain slope high above the Caribbean sea, Papillote Tropical Gardens is one of Dominica’s leading attractions for both island residents and visitors from around the world. Open to the public from November to August, Papillote Tropical Gardens is an extraordinary collection of botanical and other natural wonders that ranks among the very best in the Caribbean.


Fourteen acres of nurtured wilderness are nestled in a canopy of tree fern and breadfruit trees, providing a lush, green frame for the many microhabitats within the rainforest garden. Collections of aroids, begonias, bromeliads, gingers, heliconias and indigenous orchids form sumptuous botanical compositions, where shape, color and texture conspire to their best advantage.

Walking paths crisscross cold and hot mineral streams that gurgle along the natural contours of the land, leading from one themed glade to another. Sparkling sunlight filters through the canopy, creating controlled windows of light that fall upon plant life comfortably suited to each spot.


Garden Interlude

Experience our tropical gardens and bathe in our volcanic hot pools at a special rate of US$10 per person for international visitors or EC$10 for Dominica residents. Advance reservations required. Please use our contact form to enquire about booking your visit.

To the casual observer it all appears natural and wild, yet the luxuriant, tangled growth has actually been designed with care and to great effect. The rocky soil, very high rainfall (250 inches per year), an elevation of 1,000 ft and the orientation within the valley create intense microclimate conditions that support luxuriant growth. These conditions constrain the gardener but also enrich the content of the garden by creating a homogenous and coherent style of garden design. Constant attention to drainage and erosion control, terracing and mulching to build up the soil is crucial.


Splashes of brilliant color spatter the landscape at every turn. Spiked stands of hot pink ginger give way to a sea of flaming red anthurium, while iridescent purple and green hummingbirds flash from one bloom to the next.

Two waterfalls cascade down the verdant mountainside within the garden’s boundaries, creating cold water streams that flow to the Roseau River.  A series of volcanic hot pools punctuate the garden landscape, beckoning our guests to indulge in a steaming, mineral-laden bath that relaxes the body and calms the mind.

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