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Though we took heavy blows from Hurricane Maria in September 2017, the regenerative powers of the Caribbean rainforest are strong and swift.  Our gardens are lush and beautiful once again, and the aftermath of the storm presented an opportunity to rebuild and refresh our rainforest retreat. Our 50-year history is well marked by times of transformation - sometimes tumultuous - and the new Papillote is a proud and worthy successor to the iterations that have come before.

Founded in 1969 by Anne Jno Baptiste, Papillote is Dominica's original eco-inn, pioneering the practice of sustainable tourism long before it was viewed as a global imperative. The construction of our facilities served as a training ground for generations of Trafalgar's youth, and our worldwide family of guests were an important driver for Dominica's nascent eco-tourism industry.

Today, after more than a half-century on the verdant slopes of Morne Macaque in the heart of the Roseau Valley, Papillote has embarked on a new journey, offering day visitors the opportunity to delight in the many wonders of our tropical gardens and bathe in our volcanic hot pools, while providing our overnight guests with a lovely selection of freshly rebuilt and remodeled rooms and self-catering suites, each of them suitable for short-term or long-term stays.

Yet some things never change. Among these constants is the abiding sense of serenity that envelopes your being while here at Papillote. We invite you to visit us and discover it for yourself!

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