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Touring the Papillote Tropical Gardens is an adventure all its own.

Papillote Tropical Gardens manager Marcel Florent guides you along the interlocking  pathways that crisscross our 4-acre botanical sanctuary, winding through effusive collections of gingers, aroids, begonias, bromeliads, orchids and other exotic botanicals.

Marvel at the numerous hot and cold streams and waterfalls that tumble down the mountainside as they make their way to the Caribbean Sea.

Keep your eyes open for the dozens of denizens who make Papillote Tropical Gardens their home, from iridescent hummingbirds and flitting butterflies to skittering land crabs, languid lizards and the shy, red-rumped agouti.

Learn about the many ways that indigenous plant species are woven through Dominican culture, from medicinal and therapeutic uses to the herbs and spices used in traditional Creole recipes.

Book a garden tour or enjoy an Interlude for a Day that includes lunch at the Papillote Rainforest Restaurant and a refreshing respite in our hot volcanic mineral pools!