Volcanic Hot Pools

Papillote’s natural spa includes three unique hot pools, each fed by a constant stream of hot volcanic mineral water that flows from natural springs at the back of the plateau above Damsel Falls.  Grand stone statues of iguanas and grouper fish, covered in a patchwork quilt of moss and lichens, stand guard over two of our three pools.

Built to accommodate up to 15 adults, our largest hot pool is located in a jungle-fringed grotto, with a stunning view of our own L’Iviere Seyo waterfall – one of two beautiful falls you’ll encounter on our grounds.  A cold, freshwater river that flows from the waterfall feeds an adjacent bathing pool, where you can cool down from the volcano-fed hot pool or just beat the heat on a balmy Caribbean afternoon.

Our second pool is also the most intimate and iconic.   Located just a few steps from the Rainforest Building, the Iguana pool is found at the base of a 10-foot stone sculpture, draped in ferns and moss.  Just right for two, the Iguana pool is ideal for soothing aching muscles after a hike to the Boiling Lake or to decompress after a long day of scuba diving.

20337_344449831456_283154716456_4586646_2479929_nOur third – the Restaurant Pool – can accommodate six to eight people and is open to the public throughout the day.

You’ll find a myriad of additional water features throughout the Papillote gardens, where hot and cold rivers crisscross the landscape as they tumble down the mountainside, all of them designed to provide our guests with a truly unique, relaxing and healthful experience.